The following section describes our recommendation for creating reflective artwork. Following these simple recommendations will assure that you receive the printed piece you desire. However, these are only recommendations. We can work from virtually anything you supply, though non-standard jobs may incur additional costs or take additional time. If you have questions regarding creating your artwork, please give us a call. We will be happy to help you.

Be careful to keep your artwork clean and flat. Bends, creases, scratches and spurious marks will usually show up in the final printing. We have the ability to computer enhance or correct flaws in your original, although there usually will be a charge of between $25 and $100 for these services.

Send Photography with your Artwork

It is a good idea to include a photocopy or dummy of your artwork with your order so we can make sure your artwork hasn't shifted during shipping.

Using Drop-In Colors

Graphic Concepts can change black characters or line art into the color of your choice. Simply supply the original type or line art on a white background and select the color you desire. Please send in a sample of the color you desire or specify a Pantone or PMS color. All drop-in colors are printed as process colors and will be very close, but may not exactly match an original or PMS color. We can also "reverse" text out of a photograph or color block. There is an additional charge for drop-in colors and reversing type.

Graphic Concepts Design and Typesetting Services

We offer complete typesetting services for our printing customers. In addition, if you would prefer Graphic Concepts to prepare your artwork, simply send us your raw materials and a rough drawing of your desired layout. We'll be happy to give you a quote for the paste-up. Typical paste-up charges run from $20 to $75, depending on the complexity of your layout and design.
STEP ONE: Position and glue your color photography, logos and drawings in place. (Black and white logos can be turned to color in a later step.)
STEP TWO: Position and glue your text in place. High quality text can be obtained from typesetters or high quality laser printer. For small amounts of text you can use one of the various lettering systems available at most graphics and art stores. We can also do typesetting for a small fee.
STEP THREE: Place a piece of tissue or tracing paper over your artwork. Select a color for your text and logo simply by noting the color desired for each area as shown above. Leave at least 1/8" between different colors. (There is a small additional fee for dropping in colors.)
STEP FOUR: Send us your order. It's that simple!

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