All prices shown in this catalog assume fully pasted up reflective mechanicals with photographs or color artwork to be printed at 100%. The catalog prices are also valid when the order includes camera ready artwork and customer supplied separations. Additional charges are required for most other types of artwork. Pricing for the most common pre-press options are shown below:

Scan/Separate photographs or reflective artwork pasted into position on a flexible background: No Charge
Scan/Separate a slide or transparency (5" x 8" or smaller original) Each scan
Additional for enlargement greater than 500%
Resizing of entire mechanical
Resizing and stripping a photograph
$30 each
Reverse type
Create drop-in color from B&W mechanical (price per color, per side)*
Typesetting First 50 words
$25 per word thereafter $0.05
Photo Silhouetting (depends on complexity of photo) $30 - $75
Photo retouching, color correction or adjustment is available. Please call for a quote on these services.

Process (CMYK) match. The actual color may not exactly match a solid PMS color. Please refer to Pantone color matching system for best results. Pantone/PMS are trademarks of Pantone Corp.

Graphic Concepts can output film and print from your Macintosh or PC disk. Unlike many printers, we always output your job on the platform used to create it (Macintosh or Windows). Though most of our film output work is done as part of a Graphic Concepts print job, we are also happy to output film for use at other printers. Prices for our film output services are provided later in this section.

The prices shown below are for outputting film directly from the appropriate application package. The application packages we currently support are shown in the table below, We can also output standard postscript printing files. Please note that we are unable to correct or modify your postscript file, so if possible, please send your original application file as well.

Quark Xpress: version 3.0 or greater
Adobe Photoshop: version 2.0 or greater
Adobe Illustrator:
version 3.0 or greater
Adobe PageMaker: version 3.0 or greater
Macromedia Freehand: version 3.0 or greater
CorelDRAW or Photo-Paint: version 3.0 or greater

All prices assume the disks have been prepared according to the guidelines on pages 7-12. Disks submitted that do not follow these guidelines may incur additional charges.


Scan, color correct and place it in your artwork $30 per scan
Additional for enlargement greater than 500% $30

Place scanned file on customer disk (additional charge for raw disk if suitable disk is not supplied)
First file/scan $50
each additional $10


Not all files that we receive are set up correctly for output. There may be additional charges if we have to correct or modify your file prior to outputting film, Paying careful attention to the information provided in our computer prepress tutorial greatly reduces the likelihood of these charges.

There is no charge for the first 15 minutes, then time will be charged at $100 per hour (in $25 increments). We reserve the right to automatically charge up to $50 (for 30 minutes) for necessary corrections. We will contact you if more than 30 minutes ($50) of computer time is required to prepare your file for output. We will also provide you with a detailed description of the changes required to output your job.

*A Kodak DCP-9500 digital proof is created for all disk outputs. The piece of this color proof is included in all color film output. Due to the quick turnaround nature of our business, we do not automatically send this proof to you for approval. For an additional $25 handling fee, we will send you the proof prior to printing, but this will add to your turnaround time, For critical applications and/or long print runs, we recommend an analog Fuji Color-Art or actual press proof See the proofing section on the following page for details on our proofing services. We reserve the right to substitute a color art proof (at no additional charge) if we feel it is appropriate.

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