Though almost all colors are very accurately represented by a combination of process inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), there are a few that are not. Most notable in this group are the Fluorescent and Metallic colors. As a service to our customers requiring these colors and for customers uncomfortable with the process match of a particular color, we now offer a variety of standard PMS inks.

The inks that we keep in stock are shown below. Other PMS color inks are available on a special order basis.

The first column (first color) shows the cost for the first special color on any one side. The second column in each size shows the charges to add a second, third or fourth color on the same side. For example, to print PMS #871 gold on 1000 8.5x11 sheets, the additional charge is $167. To also use PMS #804 orange adds $100. The price to use PMS #871, 804 and 806 is $267 ($167+$100+$100).

Standard PMS Inks

PMS #871 Gold
PMS #873 Gold
PMS #877 Silver
PMS #804 Fluorescent Orange
PMS #806 Fluorescent Pink
Hi-Gloss Varnish

Special order inks are subject to a $75 flat rate ink charge in addition to the prices shown below and require three additional days for production

The price list below shows the additional charges for printing special inks and varnish. These prices do not include the process color printing, or any additional prepress work required. The price list includes prices for 8.5x11, 11x17, and 17x22 sheets

Please Note

Please be very careful to thoroughly and completely check your artwork and files before you send them to us. Design changes based on the color proof will be very costly. Once the proof is made, changes may require charges for new film and proofs.

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