Colors: Each color used in your document should be defined as CMYK. Please use a process color matching system to select your colors, and don't count on your monitor to accurately represent the color you select.

In general, we recommend that you import EPS files into Quark Xpress. Only EPS files should be used for b&w bitmap s placed into Quark Xpress transparent picture blocks. The edges of gray scale TIFF images will print ragged when placed in a transparent picture block.

Please send your Quark Xpress files as Quark Xpress documents. Quark doesn't include graphic images within the document file itself so it is crucial to include any graphics files used within the document as well. You may make use of Quark's collect for output function to help round up the graphic files that have been used.

Please remember to include all printer and screen fonts used. Also remember to output proofs of your file, both as a composite and as separations. These proofs help assure that your printed piece is as you desire, is not missing items and is printed in the colors you selected.

Adobe Photoshop

All color files in Photoshop should be saved in CMYK format. Black and white halftones should be saved as grayscale, while line art should be saved in bitmap mode.

Photoshop provides options for saving halftone and transfer function information in its EPSF file. Please do not use these options. Photoshop also provides the option to save an EPS File as either ASCII or Binary, Binary EPS files are the preferred format and are about half the size of ASCII EPS.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator creates EPS files. Be sure to include your original Illustrator files even when they have been embedded in another document. If using Quark or PageMaker for page layout, please import your Illustrator and scan files separately onto your final page rather than importing the scans into Illustrator first, and then into Quark or PageMaker. If you find it necessary to embed a scan into Illustrator, remember to send us the scan file so it will link properly.

Adobe PageMaker

When specifying colors in PageMaker, please be sure to use only process, CMYK colors. Colors in PageMaker are defined in the Elements menu. Once in the Elements menu, select Define Colors, then select either New or Edit. Then set the Type as Process, and the Model as CMYK.

We recommend that you keep your graphics files linked to, and not part of, your file. When you place a large graphic in PageMaker, you will receive a message similar to:

Warning: The graphic in the document would occupy XXXX Bytes in the publication. Include a complete copy in the publication anyway?

Clicking on NO keeps the graphic linked to your PageMaker file, without including the entire file in your PageMaker document. Keeping the graphic files separate enhances your ability to work with your files should any change in your graphic ever be required.

Remember to send us the graphics files!

PageMaker provides a simple way to collect all the graphics required to print your file. First create a temporary folder or directory to hold the files that you will be sending to us. Then, from the FILE menu, select SAVE AS. In the lower left corner of the SAVE AS window, click the radio button adjacent to "Files required for remote printing". Next, in the "SAVE IN" window, select the folder/directory you just created. Finally, click on SAVE. PageMaker will now save your PageMaker file, as well as all required graphics into your temporary folder. (Note that this procedure does not copy the fonts you have used, so please be sure to copy them as well.)

Macromedia Freehand

Unlike Illustrator, Freehand generated EPS files are not editable and cannot be trapped or corrected if a problem arises during output. Be sure to supply a Freehand application file along with any EPS file generated in Freehand. Colors in Freehand should be defined as CMYK-Process. Note that Pantone colors default to spot colors in Freehand. Please don't forget to include a printout of the latest revision and please make sure you include all fonts used.


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